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Should athletes follow a hydration schedule?

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Exercise increases the loss of body water and electrolytes, this loss can impair exercise performance and ability to perform work. Dehydration, which occurs when there is a decrease in total…

Is Chocolate Milk “Nature’s Protein Drink”?

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An optimal post-exercise nutrition regimen is fundamental for ensuring recovery. Studies addressing the effects of nutrient intake after endurance exercise highlight the importance of eating immediately after a workout. In…

Shakeology shakes that taste like DESSERT!

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Protein shakes are an awesome way to reboot after a serious workout, but it can be a challenge to find one that tastes great without added sugar! Shakeology is more than…

Leg Press Hacks!

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  The Leg Press is an amazing machine for toning your legs and burning a lot of calories by working your quads and glutes. The seated leg press comes in handy…


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