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Shakeology shakes that taste like DESSERT!

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Protein shakes are an awesome way to reboot after a serious workout, but it can be a challenge to find one that tastes great without added sugar! Shakeology is more than…

Leg Press Hacks!

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  The Leg Press is an amazing machine for toning your legs and burning a lot of calories by working your quads and glutes. The seated leg press comes in handy…

Try this 2x a week!

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    Plain ol’ any speed is part of a healthy and fit lifestyle. But, when comparing running to walking around a track.. running burns about 2.5 times more…

How To Be Productive Every Single Week!

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For you to begin carrying on with a productive and organized life you should arrange your weeks and days around what is vital and important to you. You may feel like you aren’t…

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Calculating your Macros

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Alright before we get started on this whole “Macro-nutrient” thing let’s get one thing straight. That is, counting your macros and clean eating are two different things! Eating clean focuses on…


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