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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Calculating your Macros

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Alright before we get started on this whole “Macro-nutrient” thing let’s get one thing straight. That is, counting your macros and clean eating are two different things! Eating clean focuses on the quality of your food. Whilst, macro counting focuses on the quantity of food. So what in the world does that mean? Many people get the idea that this means your get to eat whatever the heck you want. Although that can be true… YES TRUE, I mean there is technically no foods that are “forbidden” when you are counting your macros.

The point is to hit your macro levels and the easiest way to do that is to eat nourishing foods that fuel your body. So it’s a toss-up really. You can eat whatever you like BUT, eating garbage all day only makes things tougher. Why not make things easier. Embrace that laziness! Hopefully that’s not just my mentality when it comes to my health. Why wouldn’t you want to take the easiest route possible to achieve your goals? Hmmm.. anyway, back to those macro thingys.

Let’s say you’re craving a bowl of ice cream or a slice of pizza. If it “fits” into your macros for the day, then by all means DO IT UP! Remember, you’re only human which means you are no where close to perfect. Counting your macros instead of the typical dieting allows you to be successful in losing fat or gaining muscle. Whatever your goal may be, macro counting allows you to be human!

So keep an open mind while I hopefully explain what all the fuss is about.

Macro is short for “macro-nutrient” which means the nutrients our bodies need in large amounts. There are only three different macro-nutrients

  1. Protein

  2. Carbohydrates

  3. Fats

Each of these macro-nutrients have a certain amount of calories per gram. When counting your macros, you don’t track the amount of calories for the day. Instead you have a goal for each nutrient. So it’s essentially 3 individual goals. Which isn’t as hard as you may be thinking… You’re trying to reach you protein, carb, and fat “levels” let’s say by the end of your day. Doing so allows you to make that change in your body composition rather than just weight loss on the scale. Other words, you will lose inches rather than pounds! But, you can also adapt your macros you lose both.

So how???

Normally, bloggers throw a big ol’ confusing equation at you in order for you to determine your macro levels. But, being the lazy yet surprisingly active individual I am.. I’d much rather let you in on my secret formula. The internet. Yes! Instead of your gender and your weight multiplied by whatever, and added to your height minus your age… BLAH BLAH BLAH! Just head on over It’s that easy 🙂

10 points to lazy-puff! (feel free to ignore that corny harry potter joke).

Alright, so once you’re there simply fill out the spaces in the calculator. I also forgot to mention that your macros are effected by your overall goal. That meaning…

  • Do you want to lose fat? Then you will have to eat less carbs than you do protein and fat.
  • Do you just want to maintain what you have going on right now? Then your carbs will be moderate.
  • Do you want to bulk up and look swole? Then carbs are going to cover most of your plate.

Your macro calculations will also take into consideration of your activity level. From lightly active to extra active and all activity in between. Be honest when calculating.. if you currently don’t work out at all of course set a goal but make it obtainable. If you don’t push yourself you won’t achieve and see the results that you are working for. Seriously.

My personal macros are: protein 187G, Carbs 281G, and 69G. These are for each day. Your next step, would then to be to find a way to track your macros. Maybe you have a journal and you write down everything you eat and continually add it all up. That works. Or how about you think LAZY. How about technology? download an app on your phone. I really like the Stupid Simple Macros Tracker and it’s free! Oh, did I mention that I’m not only lazy but cheap! This app is so cool to use before you eat. It builds your meals by using ingredients and warns you what has too much fat or too many carbs. Using an app to track for you helps so much. You only have to input what you eat and the app calculates how much protein, carbs, and fat are in those are within your food and adds it to your daily total!

It takes a bit or trial and error to try to hit your macros at first but it’s so worth it. Eating based on macros is a step up in eating properly. Really once you’ve nailed it and see results, guaranteed there will be no going back! I’m excited to have you get started and to hear all about your success!



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