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Leg Press Hacks!

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The Leg Press is an amazing machine for toning your legs and burning a lot of calories by working your quads and glutes. The seated leg press comes in handy for creating lean and noticeably strong legs. Set your weight at a level that will allow you to complete 12 reps. Remeber that your legs are generally the strongest part of your body, so aim for more than you think you can do. As you go, add enough weight so you find the last three reps tough but do-able.

Once you’ve been training for 4-6 months, you will have increased your strength significantly. Now, you can increase the weight you use on the seated leg press to an amount that allows you to do at least 6 reps but not more. Again, as your strength increases, move on to heavier weight when you are ready.

Until then the standard way most people will do the leg press is with feet parallel in the middle of the platform, hip-width apart. If it’s your first time using this machine do it this way. You can activate the quads more by pushing with the balls of the feet or engage the glutes more by pushing through the heels. This concept applys for all leg-pushing exercises.

There are many many variations that you may incorporate into your leg press routine. I usually only ever see people using the leg press is one particular way, and that’s fine. But just as you can tweak your squat with different foot stances the same principles apply to the leg press. Small variations in stance can put more demand on specific leg muscles!

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